Car seat footmuff

Car seat footmuff

Time for a nice maxi cosi footmuff! The fresh months are about to come and you may wonder how to choose the best cosy toe?  

1. Baby footmuff 

At Ukje we also have small children. And what we find very important is organic cotton.

We work with this as much as possible. Why? It is better for the earth and therefore also for the new generation to come. In addition, the fabric is of fantastic quality. Cotton is a natural product and therefore gives exactly the right warmth. That is best for your child.

You will not find synthetic fabrics for babies at Ukje. Think of fleece fabric or fabrics that look like a coat. These are polyester fabrics and make your child get too hot or shivery.

We do not like that and prefer to give all babies and toddlers a cotton footmuff.

2. Maxi Cosi footmuff and Cybex footmuff

The baby footmuff from Ukje is a universal footmuff. You can therefore use them for any car seat. Think of the Maxi Cosi, Cybex Cloud Q / Z, BeSafe Izi Go, Joolz and Stokke chairs. They also fit perfectly for stroller footmuff, such as Bugaboo footmuff. You can use them on all models!

3. Stylish print

A footmuff will last for a while, so it is of course nice to choose a fancy print. See here which prints and colors you like best. It is of course super fun to put together a set. Also very cool to ask for this gift for your baby shower. You can combine the pram cosy toe with the matching car seat covers, sun canopies and belt pads. This way you can go on the street in style. You can also use the footmuff in the stroller's lounger.

4. Waffle fabric, rib fabric or luxury velor?

At Ukje you can choose from 3 materials. The outside of the footmuffs can be made of: waffle fabric, rib fabric or luxury velor. Waffle fabric gives a soft atmosphere, rib fabric a bit tougher and velvet super deluxe. The velor footmuffs are finished with gold details.

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