Collection: Babybjorn Cover

The invention of the BabyBjorn bouncer cover was made by!

Sifra (the founder of Ukje) explains: 'It all started with that wonderful BabyBjorn bouncer and our own baby. The second-hand BabyBjorn bouncer was great, but it had become discolored! It still bounced wonderfully, but a new cover was desperately needed!

The first cover was pink. I designed a new cover with a different pattern on each side so that we could switch them out. Entrepreneurship had always been in my blood from a young age. I started making and selling covers. It went really well, and that's how I built my business. By now, we've sold well over 100,000 covers, Ukje is selling across the World, and we can contribute to making the world a better place.

Fair labor, promoting reuse, vegan materials, using only Öko-Tex cotton, and sponsoring a project in Peru where 15 pregnant women and their children receive care, education, and food. It's been an amazing journey! Our mission is: For a happy family. In Europe through our covers, outside Europe with our covers.

Now, a BabyBjorn bouncer can't do without a cover!
Have you found a great BabyBjorn bouncer deal? A Ukje cover is fantastic to protect your new purchase. What color do you find appealing? You can find a suitable bouncer cover for every interior. We currently have three models for the bouncer, so make sure you know which one you have!

The model sold until 2013 has toggle buttons, and the strap can be completely removed. We've designed a cover for this one that is fully lined and you simply pull it over the frame. We also have the Bliss, for which you can completely remove the triangular point. If you ever lose it, our relax covers are ideal.

The newest models are the BabyBjorn Balance Soft and the BabyBjorn Bliss. For this new model, the strap is sewn onto the bouncer cover itself. Ukje has created special covers for these models. Ukje covers are soft and easy to wash!

Even for a daycare, this is the ideal bouncer cover! The colors stay beautiful no matter how many times you wash the cover. And did you know that even two-year-olds still love the bouncer?

Great for burning off some energy or just taking a moment to relax. We can't do without our BabyBjorn cover anymore! If you need more advice, don't hesitate to ask our enthusiastic customer service. Buy your BabyBjorn cover easily and online at Ukje!
  • perfect fit

  • easy to clean

  • cpsc compliant

  • sustainable

  • made in europe

  • fashionable