Collection: Doona

At Ukje we are proud to introduce the new cover for the Doona car seat stroller. With this cover, your Doona infant car seat is well protected against dirt and stains. The Doona infant seat and stroller combination accompanies your family every day. That's why we wanted to make something super easy to keep clean and something that looks beautiful. 

 The Doona cover is made of high-quality, soft cotton and absorbs sweat and moisture perfectly. A sweaty child in their car seat is no longer a problem as moisture is immediately absorbed.  When you are out and about you can rest easy knowing that all the spilages and sticky fingers are no longer a problem. No more stressing about the smushed banana or spilt juice, with the Doona cover your child can enjoy their snacks undisturbed. You can quickly wash the cover in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Which is perfect! Thanks to the biological and high quality cotton,  your Doona cover will be dry and ready for a new adventure with your family right the next day!

So what are you waiting for. If you have a Doona stroller or Doona car seat this cover is a no brainer. Order your Doona cover quickly and easily at Ukje today.

  • perfect fit

  • easy to clean

  • cpsc compliant

  • sustainable

  • made in europe

  • fashionable