Become an Ambassador

For Happy Families!

That is our mission :) As a baby brand, we see that our marketing budget is increasingly going to large companies. And we actually think that's really lame, because it doesn't really contribute to our mission.

That's why we really enjoy working with families and letting them benefit from it as well. In other words: we prefer to give our marketing budget to Families than to Google.

How does it work?

  • Do you have at least 5k followers on your Insta or YT? Do you have a little one - between pregnant - 6 years old - and do you like to create content that Ukje can also use?
  • Then become a Ukje ambassador! Create an account here: Ukje Ambassador
  • When creating content you will receive a speciaal deeplink which your followers can shop at Ukje. For every order that goes through your link you will receive a % of the turnover made.
  • After you created an account, please contact Tamar at She will help you get started for maximum result!