Our best holidays

Lock down, this term that will forever mark the year 2021.... This term behind which hide many questions and uncertainties, among which, one that has probably been running through your mind for a few weeks now:

Can we go on vacation this summer?

In this regard, have you ever heard about the "staycation", or so to speak vacation at home?

For many taking a vacation also means GOING on vacation, traveling, whether in your own country or elsewhere, but doing a physical action, that of packing your bags and going to explore new landscapes, breathe new scents.

So certainly your summer vacation 2021 may rhyme with COVID, but that does not mean that we cannot have vacation experiences in our homes. One of the best things about it is to set up activities that we don't do every day.

Here is how to create a perfect stay at home where the atmosphere would evoke a `` love nest '' environment:

The living room

Your living space should inspire both creativity and calm. It is a space that can give you a feeling of escape during your vacation. If your furniture no longer enchants you, change it or recreate it. Change the pictures on the walls. Move the furniture to maximize space and offer more "zen". Rearrange your bookshelf and rediscover books that haven't caught your eye for a long time. Refreshing every two weeks can do wonders if you spend so much time in one space.

Stokke Cushion by Ukje.

If you're working from home everyday in your kitchen, hunched

What about the kitchen

 over your laptop, think of the best hotel lobbies you've ever come across. These are places that have a certain charme. Why? Because they have buzz and atmosphere. Try to recreate this by buying fresh flowers to keep by your side. A living thing to admire daily is good for the soul. Also think about the lights. Sit near an open window when working to receive natural light, this will increase your energy.

Make sure you have a cocktail or a non-alcoholic cocktail at 5 p.m. with the ingredients in sight to tempt you at 4:45 p.m :)


Cybex Lemo cover by Ukje


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