When June rhymes with Family

When June rhymes with Family

Lock down phase 2 : This long-awaited freedom finally shows up

A summer felling is coming, warm and sunny days and with it, visits to families and meetings with friends!
These last months of lock down have been for a very large number of us, the most trying and sometimes endless. But hope is back and we are impatient to be able to enjoy gentle walks in the forest, near a lake or even to plan a barbecue in our garden.



If you take a closer look, the month of June is filled with family holidays. Mother's Day, Father's Day, but also World Day Against Child Labor.

We were lucky because despite the current situation, Mother's Day was able to be celebrated and many mothers and grandmothers were able to see their children and grandchildren with immense joy after so many days of isolation.

If we train ourselves to see only the positive when everything seems dark, we may say that this moment of intense lock down, will undoubtedly have bonded many families and restored the desire to spend time together.


When Ukje was born almost 10 years ago, it was only natural that the values ​​that drive us should be reflected in our actions. Families are at the center of our creations and our accessories not only have a unique look, they also and above all have an ultimate goal, that of making life easier for parents.

Families exist from all over the world, on all continents. More or less numerous, more or less wealthy. We are fortunate to be able to make our articles known to European families, but what about those across the Atlantic. Of those who may not be able to afford an internet connection and accessories for their children's furniture.

For these families there, we also carry out actions. We donate 1% of our turnover to the Peruvian association https://www.compassionuk.org. Thanks to this, 20 Peruvian children are now in school, receiving food and care. Our dream? 3000 children sponsored in 2030! So that they can get a diploma, find a job and give their children a bright future.

We are happy to make ALL families happy :)

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