Ukje actually started when I was little myself. Making and selling things. From sewing bags to braiding hair. I grew up in West Friesland and you learn to work hard there. But in a pleasant way, really creating something beautiful for your customers. Put your shoulders underneath. 

In 2010 I became a mother. I had bought a handy bouncer, the BabyBjörn. It was only a 3rd hand one; very washed out. I felt it detracted from my newly styled new house. The thing was also covered in food scraps all the time. Not great.

I wanted to think of something about that. I had also just sewn cushion covers. So that's when the idea for a bouncer cover was born! The result should be there. The cover was nice and easy, which made the bouncer fit in well with the interior. And messing around wasn't bad anymore. Washing was quick and easy, so my daughter learned to eat at ease and I was okay with the mess.

After the bouncer cover, the newborn cover, the child seat covers, footmuffs, car seat covers and many other products followed.

Now, almost 12 years later, Ukje has become the go-to address for children's furniture covers in Europe and the United States. And why am I enjoying this so much now?

I have a huge drive for children. That they get opportunities. I wish every child that they can grow up to be who they really are. That they have a family where it is warm. And with the covers I hope to contribute to that. Less stress for the parents also gives the kids relaxation.

My dream is to be able to create 2 million Happy Families via Ukje by 2030. Not only with our customers, but also with families who are going through a difficult time. With 1% of our turnover we support the Children's Food Bank, children's hospitals and an education project in Peru.

My name is Sifra Geijtenbeek and together with Team Ukje we are going for this mission. Do you now have a chair that would really improve with a Ukje cover and you can't find such a cover on our site? Send an email to, we like that!

Want to see more of my life as an entrepreneur? Then I'll see you on insta @sifradaniels. And do you also like our mission and do you want to work together? See you on Linkedin! 

With kind regards!


Sifra founder of Ukje